Desktop-as-a-Service vs in-house Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

Desktop-as-a-Service vs. in-house Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure 

Your business is ready to move your Windows workspaces to the Cloud, but you are wondering if you should invest in your own in-house Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or sign up for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) with a trusted service provider. Either way, you can get a secure solution that makes employees more productive in the office, on the road, or at home. But unless you have significant in-house VDI expertise and available IT infrastructure, signing up for DaaS is a better choice.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) over in-house Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):

1. You do not have the in-house resources to deploy and maintain a VDI .

This is the time to consider services from a cloud provider. Signing up for a DaaS solution eliminates all the capital expense of an in-house VDI deployment. VDI is complicated and requires a high level of expertise to do it right. Hiring and retaining this expertise is expensive. With a DaaS solutions, everything is taken care of and the risk of project failure is dramatically reduced.

Your DaaS subscription will include a proven service platform and all the expertise needed to support this platform for your specific business requirements. You do not have to worry about equipment depreciating or becoming outdated, nor do you have to pay for expert personnel to setup and maintain your VDI infrastructure. You only pay for what you use. And it is easy to scale up or down as your company’s needs change.

2. You can’t afford enterprise-grade information security or disaster recovery.

SMBs are particularly susceptible to information security breaches because they cannot afford the advanced information and disaster recovery measures implemented by large enterprises. As a result, many SMBs are crippled by ransomware and data loss.

With DaaS, all your applications and data are stored in a top-tier data centre with enterprise-grade backups and security measures. If a disaster strikes your business, whether it be fire, theft, flood, or ransomware, your company’s critical business information remains safe in the data center behind layers of physical and network security. When end-user devices are lost, stolen, or hacked, again, no problem. Everything remains safe in the data center and users can simply log on from a new location or with a new device and get back to work.

3. You have remote workers.

Before COVID-19, DaaS was most often used by select types of employees such as contract and mobile workers. But now, DaaS is the mainstay of many employees who traditionally worked in the office but are now working full or part-time from home. And this trend is here to stay. DaaS is a perfect fit for businesses that need to quickly support remote workers without the overhead of building out and maintaining their own VDI infrastructure.

 4. You are embracing a Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device policy can cause a lot of headaches for an IT department. Ensuring the security of these devices and control over confidential information can be overwhelming.

Through DaaS, business applications and data can be remotely accessed from any Windows, Apple, or Android device without those applications and data ever leaving the security of the data center. There is no OS or applications to manage on your employee’s devices, everything runs from within the data center. Even if the end-user device is lost or compromised, your company’s applications and data remain safe and secure.

5. You need a lower, more predictable cost model for your IT services.

DaaS services not only eliminate the expensive investments necessary in hardware and personnel to deploy and maintain VDI, but DaaS provides a very predicable and affordable cost model. With DaaS, everything is simplified. Everything from OS licensing to remote backups to technical support, is included in a monthly, per user fee. Scale your business on-demand. New users can be added or removed in minutes. Accurately predicting IT expenses could not be easier.

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