Cyber Security Compliance

TruPoints end-to-end platform drives organizational compliance with the latest security requirements.

  • Confidently manage cyber insurance
  • Supports security certifications
  • Reduces operating risk

Ready for a new standard of managed services?

At TruPoint, our standards for IT are high. We’ve built a platform and delivery model that allows your business to leapfrog into a modern, flexible, and secure IT solution.

TruPoint is focused on delivering best-in-class information security and compliance for our customers. We provide the IT policies, technology stack, and IT support to monitor and maintain compliance.

TruPoint reduces your business risk
and enables secure, work-from-anywhere IT.

Confidently deploy a modern IT solution for your users.

Easy to implement and easy to use. Get fast and secure access to your business systems.

Businesses today want a simple, flexible, and secure solution for their work-from-anywhere IT needs. TruPoint’s TruWorkspace™ Cloud makes implementing a secure solution easy, and is backed up by a responsive support team to keep users happy and productive.


Confidently manage your compliance requirements.

The TruPoint platform has been designed to keep your business safe. We’ve engineered in the highest levels of encryption, authentication, ransomware protection, and disaster recovery into our platform. In addition, we help you establish IT better policies and track compliance to those policies, so you can confidently secure Cyber Insurance coverage or security certifications.

Confidently check the boxes on your compliance requirements.

TruPoint’s security advisors will review your compliance requirements to find technology, people, or process gaps that may not be compliant. We can help you apply for Cyber Insurance, or prepare for security certifications such as SOC II, PCI, and ISO 27001.

Confidently check all the boxes for your compliance needs:

  • Cyber Insurance
  • SOC II
  • PCI
  • CyberSecure Canada

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Secure and Compliant. Happy Users. Peace of Mind.

Why should you trust TruPoint with your IT?

Focused on Security

Protecting our users is our number one priority. We have engineered our platform and services for security, including the critical aspects of being compliant with your Cyber Insurance. TruPoint has enterprise-grade security that includes SSAE-16 SOC 2 Certified Data Centres. We do not cut corners and help our customers transition to a more secure IT environment.

Productive and Happy Users

We believe IT should be a platform for growth and innovation. Keeping end users online and working smoothly while also being protected from cyber security threats is our goal. With the ever-changing technology landscape, we are sensitive to the challenges end users face. Our responsive Service Desk team is standing by to help resolve issues or answer questions.

Strategic Support

Our customers want more than just an IT provider. They want a strategic partner, and this starts with our Technical Account Managers who get to know your business. They are a single point of contact and ensure your unique needs are addressed. In addition, TruPoint can provide CIO and IT Security (SOC) Consulting services to plan high level IT strategies.

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