Secure application and database server hosting for cloud desktops.

  • Scalable cloud hosted servers
  • Linux and Windows options
  • Backed by the TruPoint SLA

Solutions Starting at $325/ month

Secure application and database hosting for cloud desktops.

At TruPoint, our standards for IT are high. We’ve built a platform and delivery model that allows your business to leapfrog into a modern, flexible, and secure IT solution.

TruServer™ provides secure, cloud scalable platforms for your applications and databases, perfect for users working within TruPoint’s cloud desktops.

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Secure cloud servers for your applications and databases.

Delivering secure application and database hosting for cloud desktop users.

  • Flexible server configurations
  • Secure network configurations
  • Backup and recovery services

Key Features

Secure Cloud Server

Enterprise-class Windows and Linux servers in the cloud with secure network configurations.

High Performance

Flexible and cloud scalable server resources that are available on-demand.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Keeping your applications online is crucial. TruPoint's cloud hosting platforms are fully redundant.

Expert Technical Support

At TruPoint, we are proudly Canadian and our team provides expert technical support for your solution.

Daily Backups

Your server applications and databases are backed up daily with 30 days of backup retention.

Applications Support

Support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and more.

Service Packages and Pricing

We have flexible and affordable plans to accommodate any business.

Secure Cloud Server

  • Cloud Server (2 Core, 16GB)
  • 100GB SAN Storage, Daily Backups
  • Managed Firewall, Network IDS, Host IDS
  • Centralized Log and Event Monitoring
  • Starting at $325/month (excluding licensing)

Custom Cloud Server

  • Affordable pricing for larger cloud servers
  • Flexible resource options (cpu, memory, disk)
  • Databases (MySQL, Microsoft MS-SQL)
  • Linux and Windows options
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Secure and Compliant. Happy Users. Peace of Mind.

Why should you trust TruPoint with your IT?

Focused on Security

Protecting our users is our number one priority. We have engineered our platform and services for security, including the critical aspects of being compliant with your Cyber Insurance. TruPoint has enterprise-grade security that includes SSAE-16 SOC 2 Certified Data Centres. We do not cut corners and help our customers transition to a more secure IT environment.

Productive and Happy Users

We believe IT should be a platform for growth and innovation. Keeping end users online and working smoothly while also being protected from cyber security threats is our goal. With the ever-changing technology landscape, we a sensitive to the challenges end users face. Our responsive Service Desk team is standing to help resolve issues or answer questions.

Strategic Support

Our customers want more than just an IT provider. They want a strategic partner, and this starts with our Technical Account Managers who get to know your business. They are a single point of contact and ensure your unique needs are addressed. In addition, TruPoint can provide CIO and IT Security (SOC) Consulting services to plan high level IT strategies.

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