3 Questions about Ransomware to Ask your IT Provider Right Now

3 Questions about Ransomware to Ask your IT Provider Right Now

At TruPoint, we hear many horror stories from organizations crippled by ransomware and looking for help. Ask any IT service provider. Ransomware is an epidemic under reported by small and medium-sized companies due to embarrassment and customer sensitivities.

To avoid the worst, organizations must challenge their IT staff and providers by asking three questions:

  • How are they reducing the likelihood of an infection?
  • How are they minimizing the potential scope of an infection?
  • What data protection tools are in place to ensure a quick recover with minimum loss of data when ransomware hits — assume it will.

For most small and medium-sized businesses the answer to #3 is usually: “We are protecting your files by backing up them up daily.”Unfortunately that answer is not good enough.  Most customers devastated by ransomware had backups. But they were either encrypted by the virus, a likely outcome if the backups server is on same domain as your office workstations and servers, or the backup and restore process did not work as expected — a frequent outcome when backups are not routinely verified. And even when backups do work, it is often days of lost productivity due to data loss and recovery time.

3 Questions about Ransomware to Ask your IT Provider Right Now

While there is no foolproof method of data protection, there are approaches which offer excellent protection against ransomware along with other productivity benefits. For example, TruPoint’s TruSync cloud file services has advanced recovery tools that can dramatically reduce the impact of a ransomware attack.

TruSync’s data recovery features include:

  • Revision Rollback: to restore all currently-existing content to a healthy revision
  • Snapshot: to recover files and folders as they existed at a specific point in time
  • Remote Wipe: to remove content on lost, stolen, or compromised devices
  • Restore Deleted: to recover a deleted file
  • Restore Revisions: to restore one file to a previous revision

The Revision Rollback, Snapshot, and Remote Wipe features are particularly powerful tools in dealing with ransomware attacks. Using these tools, organizations can minimize the damage by very quickly recovering to a last known good state right before the attack.

TruSync integrates with TruPoint’s Cloud Desktop service or can be used as a stand-alone service.

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