Welcome to TruPoint, your secure, work-from-anywhere platform of choice.

TruPoint is a 100% Canadian owned and operated managed services provider that specializes in secure, work-from-anywhere IT solutions. We work directly with customers and channel partners to deliver a new standard of IT services, one that meets the demands of the modern workplace for improved security, responsiveness, and flexibility. Our flagship services – TruWorkspace™ and TruOffice™ – provide an enterprise-grade services platform for customers to achieve compliance with the IT security standards now demanded by government, industry bodies, and insurance companies.

  • We are a modern managed services provider specializing in secure work-from-anywhere solutions
  • We take a strategic approach to helping you plan and execute your IT transformation
  • We help you be compliant with industry standards and your cyber insurance
  • We have flexible service plans to help fit businesses at all stages of growth.

If you need a strategic partner to help you plan and execute your IT transformation, give us a call at 866.326.4857 or email [email protected].