The Case for Microsoft 365 Business Premium

The Case for Microsoft 365 Business Premium

For small and medium-sized businesses, choosing the best Microsoft 365 subscription(s) can be bewildering.  Of course, cost is a very important consideration but so is selecting the right package of features to meet the productivity and security requirements of your business.

At the top of the enterprise heap is the immersive, but eye watering expensive, Microsoft 365 E5 plan.  This plan is designed for larger enterprises with comprehensive security and compliance requirements. For SMBs, Microsoft has created a top-tier Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan with all productivity and security features of E5 that SMEs should care about.

For any business with less than 300 employees without strict compliance requirements,  Microsoft 365 Business Premium is what we normally recommend.  In particular, the security and device management features included with this plan make it standout.

Microsoft Intune

Unlike Microsoft 365 Business Standard or other business class plans, Business Premium includes Microsoft Intune.  Intune is an endpoint management tool that allows centralized control over Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices.  This includes automating deployments and enforcing security measures on company and non-company devices alike.  In short, an end-point management tool like InTune is a must in today’s mobile and BYOD workplace.

What is Microsoft Intune?

Azure AD 

All Microsoft plans include a base version of Microsoft Azure Active Directory.  Azure Active Directory provides essential identity services critical to authenticating  and authorizing users before they can access any business systems, applications or data.  Unlike Business Standard or other business class plans, Business Premium includes a key Active Directory security feature called Conditional Access. 

Conditional Access allow if-then policies to be applied when they log in based on the end-users group membership, device, location, target application, and other factors.  This is a powerful security tool and a critical component of the Zero Trust security stance all businesses should be adopting to protect their businesses. 

Check out Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Defender for Business 

Only Microsoft 365 for Business Premium includes Microsoft Defender for Business.  Microsoft Defender for Business is an endpoint security solution that integrates with Microsoft Intune to better protect your business from ransomware, malware, phishing, and other threats.

Full Defender for Business feature list:

Learn more about Microsoft Defender for Business

More Security Features

In addition to Microsoft Defender for Business, Microsoft 365 for Business Premium includes the following security feature which, except for baseline Exchange Online Protection, are not included in Business Standard or other business level plans.  These security features include advanced email protection and data loss prevention to stop unauthorized actions such as printing, viewing, copying and downloading content, based on the organization’s policy.

Microsoft Defender for Business Plans & Pricing 

Microsoft 365 Plan Business Premium Business Standard
Price per user, per month $28.20 $16
User limit 300 300
Exchange Online 50 GB 50 GB
Exchange Archive Mailbox 1.5 TB 50 GB
Office Web Apps Yes Yes
Office Desktop Apps Yes Yes
OneDrive 1 TB 1 TB
Teams Yes Yes
SharePoint Yes Yes
Intune Yes No
Litigation Hold Yes No
eDiscovery (Standard) Yes No
Azure AD Yes Yes
Azure AD Premium 1 Yes No
Anti-Phishing Advanced Yes No
Real-Time Reports Yes No
Safe Attachments Yes No
Safe Links Yes No

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