Hosted QuickBooks FAQs

QuickBooks Cloud Desktop FAQs

Cloud-hosted QuickBooks refers to accessing your QuickBooks software from a remote desktop that is connected to a secure cloud server where all your data and files are stored. You can safely login to this remote desktop from any location with your internet-connected device using a custom username and password, and use QuickBooks as you would on a regular desktop. Learn more, or start a free trial from here.

QuickBooks Cloud Desktop from TruPoint is your Quickbooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise software and data hosted securely in our datacenter where it is available to authorized users in either desktop or application mode anywhere, anytime, from any device. Learn more about TruWorkspace QuickBooks Edition.

QuickBooks Cloud Desktops and QuickBooks Online (QBO) are are both Internet-accessible solutions.  But QBO has limitations and does not offer the same advanced features as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.  With TruPoint’s QuickBooks Cloud Desktops you can install any version of QuickBooks and access it remotely as if it was installed on your desktop.  You can also install other applications along with QuickBooks to have a fully functional Windows 10 desktop environment.

The version of QuickBooks installed on your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop is exactly the same version you would install on your local desktop or server.  The features, the look and feel, are exactly the same.

Yes.  Multiple authorized users can connect to their Quickbooks Cloud Desktop at the same time.  However, when multiple users login to QuickBooks at the same time to use the same company data file then multi-user mode must be enabled on QuickBooks which requires a multi-user license from Intuit.

No.  TruPoint’s Cloud Desktops use advanced remote connection technology from Citrix to establish a secure Internet connection between your device and your QuickBooks Desktop hosted in our data center. This requires the installation of a Citrix Receiver for your Windows, Apple, or Android device.

Yes.  At anytime you can login to your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop and make a backup of your QuickBooks data file that you can save to any available file location, including a drive attached to your local desktop.

Nothing.  When your Internet connection is restored, just log back into your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop and everything will be exactly as you left it.

TruPoint employs enterprise-grade security and data protection to ensure the privacy and integrity of our customers’ data.  These safeguards include: SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified data centers, multiple layers of firewalls, network-level intrusion detection systems, robust access and identity management systems, centralized system logging, and more.  Backups are done nightly and full system-level or granular file-level restores are supported.

Yes.  TruPoint uses industry-best Citrix technology to make secure remote access to your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop possible from any Windows, Apple, or Andriod device.

Absolutely.  You can install almost any application or add-on onto your cloud desktop with QuickBooks.  Microsoft Office 365 applications are the most popular to include with your Hosted QuickBooks Cloud Desktop but custom line-of-business applications are also a popular addition.

No.  We offer expert hosting services only.  You must own a legal copy of QuickBooks and provide TruPoint with a valid license key for the version you want installed on your Cloud Desktop.

Yes.  TruPoint has hosted QuickBooks solutions designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping firms with multiple clients that are secure and affordable.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Yes.  We will help you get setup.  Migrating QuickBooks data to your new Hosted QuickBooks Cloud Desktop in our datacenter is easy and our support team will walk you through the process with each of your users.

From your TruWorkspace QuickBooks cloud desktop you can print to any local or network printer that is available from the device used to connect to your cloud desktop.  Also, TruPoint can make a private network connection between your office’s local area network and your cloud desktop.  This will allow your cloud desktop to securely print to any network connected printer in your office regardless of where you are or the device used to access your cloud desktop.

Yes.  You can configure QuickBooks to email from your Cloud Desktop using your own mail service.  This way the mail looks as if it is coming from your email account.  You can find more information in this here about setting up Quickbooks to use your email account.  If you do not have a mail service you can use for this purpose then TruPoint can provide a mail service you can use.

Getting started is as easy, all new accounts start with a Free Trial (that doesn’t require a credit card). We will help you migrate your data so you can test the system and ensure you’re happy with it before becoming a paying customer.  If you want a walk-though before starting your Free Trial, we can perform a live demo with you, also answering any questions you may have. Request a Free Trial here.

This can be an involved question as TruPoint supports many different local, cloud, and network storage options with its QuickBooks Cloud Desktops.  Out of the box, users are presented with a C: and a D: drive associated with their cloud desktop.  The C: drive is for OS and application files.  The D: or Data drive is for user files and data,  The D; drive can easily be scaled to meet your organization’s document storage requirements and the folders in the D: drive can be shared with users.  Cloud file services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and TruPoint’s own enterprise-class TruSync Service can also be integrated easily into your cloud desktop.

TruPoint is the Canadian leader in hosted QuickBooks solutions. If you want to start a no obligation Free Trial for your QuickBooks Hosting needs, head to our TruWorkspace Free Trial Form.

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