Supercharge Sage with Multi-User Cloud Desktops from TruPoint

Enhance Sage Productivity with Multi-User Hosted Cloud Desktop

When you host SAGE in the cloud multiple users can work simultaneously on the same customer file with full application features.

Sage 50 Pro, Premier and Quantum allow multiple users to work on the same data file simultaneously. This is a must have when your organization’s finances are managed by an accounting team and/or your sales team uses Sage to create quotes. But in and of itself, Sage does not deliver all the multi-user features modern organizations require from their accounting software.

Today, users demand access to core business software anytime, anywhere, and from all types of Windows, Apple, and Android devices. This is not something Sage does out-of-the-box. The best way to deliver this kind of unhindered, multi-user access to users is to host your multi-user enabled Sage application and data file in a Hosted Sage Cloud Desktop.

A Hosted Sage Cloud Desktop looks and behaves like a Windows 10 desktop environment but is hosted on an enterprise-grade compute platform in a top-tier data center rather than on an office workstation or laptop. Each user’s Cloud Desktop is fully customizable and other applications can be installed with Sage, including Office 365, to improve the productivity of your team. Using the latest remote access technology, a secure connection can be made to a Cloud Desktop from any device using either a web browser or a mobile app.

Along with excellent remote access features, security and business continuity are a top priority for organizations using Sage in multi-user mode. Here again, hosting your Sage application and data in a Cloud Desktop puts your organization a step ahead. With a Hosted Sage Cloud Desktop, your financial data never leaves the safety of the data center. Only pixels, key strokes, and mouse clicks – not files or data – link the end user’s device to their Cloud Desktop. So even if the end user’s device is infected, lost or stolen, your financial data is stays safe behind multiple layers of data center security certified against international standards. Moreover, to ensure the availability and integrity of your Sage data, Hosted Sage Cloud Desktops are powered by a fully redundant compute infrastructure, backed-up daily and archived for a minimum of thirty days.

For many organizations who choose Sage, multi-user support is critical. But only through Sage Hosting on a Cloud Desktop does Sage deliver the anytime, anywhere, any device access for multiple users along with the built-it security and business continuity modern businesses demand.