The TIGHT-ROPE tie-down is one of the most efficient tie-down systems on the market today.

  • Easy to Use
  • Strong and Reliable
  • Will not Absorb Water
  • Will not Scratch Your Cargo
  • Active Release
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 600 lb Rating
  • 1,800 lb Minimum Break

You get an easy to use tie down system that has no moving parts, is infinitely adjustable and is incredibly strong and reliable. Since this tie-down is the only one made out of polypropylene, it is the only tie-down that will not absorb water and can be dried by simply shaking it out.

Since there is no buckle there is a much smaller possibility that this tie-down will scratch your cargo or your car. Because of the locking mechanism on this tie-down it will not release all of the line immediately and allow cargo to fall helplessly to the ground, it will only release the amount that you want it to.

One 7 foot Tru Point TIGHT-ROPE tie-down

Price: $18.00

Replacement TIGHT-ROPE tie-down for a Satellite Tripod

Price: $10.00

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