- For StarBand and DIRECWAY customers we offer a new model Tripod capable of handling their demanding requirements.  (Please call if you are mounting a dish other than StarBand or DIRECWAY)

The Internet Satellite Portable Mounting System uses a new bent mast design, creating a better "center of gravity". The system is more stable when untethered and practically eliminates twisting and flexing. (Patent Pending)

Price: $289.95

Tripod Features:

- Our new tethering system (Patent Pending) generates up to 400 lbs. of rock steady support.

- For easy leveling each leg adjusts independently.

- These unique features make the TRU POINT Satellite Tripod the best on today's market.

- R-V'ing, Camping, Boating- set up in seconds with the most stable Satellite tripod available.

- Marina use: with the incredible tethering system - Pull the legs up close for a small, yet stable, footprint -Important on docks to allow passing foot traffic-

- Constructed of heavy steel tubing, steel stampings, and quality fittings for long life of rough treatment. Durable finishes of International Safety Yellow baked enamel and Powder Coating.

- Ready to use- Tripod with Tethering System for ground applications. For pavement, rock, and brick refer to our "Deluxe Anchor Kit".

- Accessories Available:
Storage bag - $35.00
Deluxe Anchor Kit - $27.50 (Out of stock)